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Brand Asset Management (BAM)

The Challenge

With an ever-expanding network of Dealers, spanning multiple regions across the globe, how could Harley-Davidson ensure their world famous brand retained its high standard consistently, and at the same time provide cost-effective, timely marketing campaigns in more than 28 languages?

That's the question Harley-Davidson Strategic Growth Markets posed when they first partnered with Room 58 back in 2006.

Our Solution

We created a centralised storage facility, where approved artwork could be held, and instantly distributed to all of their dealers across the globe. The system is accessible at a moment’s notice, by Regional Marketing Managers, Agencies and the dealers themselves, and allows them to use assets on demand.

This nimble solution offers brand protection, whilst allowing the flexibility for materials to be localised in-market.

The Impact

Only requiring one content upload, the platform proliferates to other applications, thereby delivering enormous savings across this vast region, and enabling rapid, cost-effective roll-out of national campaigns.

It provides a totally flexible solution for dealers, who can log in at any time to retrieve marketing materials, without having to go via costly agencies, confident that it is all brand-approved.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.