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Financial Compliance Platform (FCP)

The Challenge

Financial Service providers are governed by the standards set by the Financial Conduct Authority, and need to be able to react quickly to ensure their marketing materials always meet the latest regulations.

We recognised that they would benefit from a more efficient and stringent approvals process, which would guarantee their archive of marketing materials meet strict compliance guidelines and would cut down time to market.

Our Solution

We created a fully automated approvals tool, with customisable workflows, and easy-to-view dashboards to check progress at a moment’s notice. Artwork is submitted online, and users get notifications when content is ready for them to approve direct to their inbox. Tracking is easy with our neat version control, and importantly, the tool provides a clear audit trail, so they can always have confidence in their approvals.

The Impact

Our new Compliance Tool gives Black Horse Financial Services and their customers complete assurance that their products meet the exacting standards laid down by the Financial Conduct Authority. The system offers improved efficiency, which will reduce time to market, and access to a user-friendly archive will facilitate re-use – saving costs, and giving them an important USP over their competitors.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.