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Goldman Sachs N11 Film Video

The Challenge

Goldman Sachs presented us with a challenge to help them find a more engaging way to present specialised content to their clients, and to demonstrate the benefits of working with Goldman Sachs Asset Managers in emerging economies. In addition to this, we also had to find a way to make it accessible to both English- and Italian-speaking markets.

Our Solution

Using our understanding of CX techniques, we decided a multimedia approach would offer the best solution, using a combination of infographic techniques to support a talking-head feature, which engaged with the audience and could be easily subtitled for the Italian market. We included graphics layered in post-production highlighting key messages, to really draw attention and drive awareness.

The Impact

We succeeded in producing a video that enhanced their brand and broadened their Asset Management customer base through engagement and education in these growing economies. The video was well received, leading to a long relationship between Goldman Sachs and Room 58.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.