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Branded Website Solution (BWS)

The Challenge

With an ever-expanding network of Dealers, spanning multiple regions across the globe, how could Harley-Davidson create a consistent web presence and maintain brand integrity, whilst allowing their dealers to have independent and personalised websites across all of their regions?

That's the question Harley-Davidson Strategic Growth Markets posed when they first partnered with Room 58 back in 2006.

Our Solution

We created an online platform allowing dealers to create their own, customisable website, where they can add in personalised content, yet at the same time protecting Harley-Davidson’s iconic brand.

The sites also benefit from centralised updates from Harley-Davidson at model year change, alleviating the headache of updating the full suite of motorcycles for each dealer.

The Impact

The dealer website offering is completely scalable for future growth, allowing additional languages to be added, and the ability to add front-end applications. It also features an invaluable tool giving useful insight into dealer behaviour and web performance.

Brand control and consistency have improved, and it forms an ideal solution for new dealers who no longer have to worry about their online presence.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.