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Harley-Davidson® Template Builder

The Challenge

Through our long relationship with Harley-Davidson, we recognised that they would benefit from a more cost-effective way to produce localised content, and protect the brand across multiple dealerships and territories. We wanted to come up with a streamlined way for them to produce marketing collateral, which dealers could customise and produce on-demand.

Our Solution

We created an online asset builder tool, which allows dealers and marketing managers to adapt approved artwork for local dealer-specific needs. By restricting which elements on the artwork can be modified, we were able to protect the brand, but give a fast, cost-effective way for dealers to localise their materials, avoiding expensive and inefficient approvals processes via external agencies.

The Impact

This flexible tool provides a secure way to deliver customisable content, whilst maintaining brand integrity. Dealers can interact with their customer base more directly, and produce marketing material in a timely way, to make sure their campaigns are really on target. Harley-Davidson, meanwhile, can be confident that their brand is not being compromised.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.