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Harley-Davidson® | NEC Motorcycle Live Show

The Challenge

This was a brand outreach project we developed to position Harley-Davidson and build their profile amongst their target audience. We wanted to encapsulate the atmosphere of the Motorcycle Live event at the Birmingham NEC, capturing the energy of the young people there, and using this film to sum up the brand in a snappy two minute piece.

Our Solution

Our production team spent several days at the event, capturing the thrill and excitement people feel when they sit on a magnificent Harley for the first (and second, third, fourth…) time. We used a 16ft camera jib to maximise the effect of filming such a large space with so many bikes and people in it, then brought the film back into the studio to be edited, graded and cut.

The Impact

The final film was presented to Harley-Davidson and a selection of their dealers and has been met with delight at every turn. Along with the film, we also produced various other collateral to support the show, such as event passes, Digi frames and posters, and a Kiosk for Harley-Davidson Financial Services.

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