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Oracle Partners | CX and Branded Digital Assets

The Challenge

With our passion for creating the best customer experience in everything we do, and following the success of our work with Oracle, we were put forward to work with Oracle partners to produce corporate presentations which would engage and excite their audiences. Our creative team got to work on transforming the mundane into something altogether more magical.

Our Solution

Our copywriting, design and multimedia teams created a high impact kinetic animated text video. We used the latest typography animation and multimedia studio techniques to create a truly unique video experience where the words were the star of the show. Using a single voice artist instead of music, the message is really driven home, leaving the audience hanging on its every word.

The Impact

e-DBA came to us with a game-changing concept, giving organisations the ability to predict and anticipate consumer’s actions and needs. They needed a way to make this concept appealing - audiences across the board have engaged with our innovative and responsive methods, resulting in improved lead generation, better communication, giving our clients tools to break down barriers in communicating to non-technical viewers.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.