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The Challenge

Oracle came to us with the request to develop an engaging multimedia sales tool, which would demonstrate the customer benefits of Oracle’s Exastack server and software suite.

It needed to present a technical proposition in user-friendly concepts, which would be quick and easy for the audience to grasp in a snappy presentation.

Our Solution

Rather than producing a traditional, dry PowerPoint presentation, we wanted to create something more captivating and engaging. So, our multimedia team set about storyboarding and designing, and they produced this buzzy, fast-paced explainer video, articulating the benefits presented by the Exastack solution. Crucially, the design was kept versatile, to allow for co-branding by the Oracle partners within its network.

The Impact

This video has transformed Oracle’s toolkit, providing the sales team with a critical tool to generate excitement about the product set. The concept has been so successful that Oracle also approached us to work with their partners, and we’ve been putting our expertise in customer experience to work on more and more multimedia projects.

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