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Simulated Ocular Surgery Branding

The Challenge

Following on from the success of, we were approached to create a brand for the newly-formed Simulated Ocular Surgery (a combined e-commerce and education site).

It needed to work across online, multimedia, print and packaging.

Our Solution

Working through various colour palettes, iconography and imagery and applying these to the site homepage, we hit upon a combination which the client loved immediately.

It was one of those "Oh!" moments; y'know, when someone perks up in their chair and realises they've seen something amazing.

The Impact

The look and feel of the branding, plus the purpose and functionality of the website have led to industry giants wanting to be involved with Simulated Ocular Surgery.

Between the client's vision and the impact of Room 58's putting that vision into action, this innovative concept has got people talking!

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