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Squint Clinic Talking Web Site

The Challenge

We were approached to design and build an engaging and informative website for a new eye care initiative focusing on squint diagnosis, consultations and procedures. Doctors and hospitals can be daunting so we wanted to make a site that provides all essential information for patients in a clear, sensitive and caring way making the ophthalmological process easier for children and adults to experience.

Our Solution

Drawing on our extensive experience of successfully adopting CX principles, we used our in-house green-screen facilities to create a series of videos showing specialists talking directly to patients and parents about the whole experience, from diagnosis to the day of the surgery. We filmed friendly, relaxed dialogue, in order to present complex messages in a simple format.

The Impact

The Squint Clinic site had over 25,000 hits in its first 3 months and is regularly viewed by patients, parents, ophthalmologists, GPs and opticians across 65 countries, including Russia, Papua New Guinea, Somalia and Brazil. It has also caught the attention of the NHS resulting in opportunities to produce similar sites for other sectors.

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