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Video as a Service (VaaS)

The Challenge

Financial Institutions are currently seeking an easy & transparent way of presenting their finance products to potential and existing customers. They seek to help customers find the best way to purchase the car that is right for them.

When presenting finance options to a customer the message must be clear and not misleading. As such, the videos used to visualise these messages to the client must be compliant, on brand and easily understood.

Traditionally, creating these videos can be time consuming, complex and costly. Businesses face a challenge in ensuring the videos adhere to all of the necessary regulatory and brand guidelines. The processes many media companies use to create these videos can often add to the complexity of the project.

Our Solution

Room 58 have developed a suite of software products to assist with the creation and distribution of video assets. The suite is made up of two products, that when used in unison allow for a seamless and transparent creation, approval and distribution process.

Designed to allow live annotation on all assets. This solution provides a platform for seamless amends and approvals and removes the need for time consuming email trails between multiple parties.

We hold a library of approved videos which can be used as templates for the creation of new assets. Likewise, the platform holds all of the approved videos, created by room 58, which can be downloaded in multiple file formats for use in any environment.

The Impact

VaaS breaks the current video creation mould. One monthly cost covers the production of the video, all amends for the contract period and use of the mark-up and library tools.

Access to view the comments made by each department/company relating to the job and upload a new version of the artwork if required into one platform mean the production and turnaround in fast and efficient.

Our Clients have the ability to download their videos as many times as they require in a range of different formats and have access to their own dashboard where they can review the status of each video and view the global usage of each asset.

We deliver global brand integrity through brand enhancement and management across 61 countries and over 32 languages.