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Our How

Our What What makes us different from other agencies is that we care. We get to know and understand the problem by walking a mile in your and your customers’ shoes. We take the time to listen and ensure we fully understand your requirements.

The Process

Most agencies take a brief and enter this process at Step 4, Development. We do it differently.
We take the time and effort to cycle right back and discover exactly what is causing you pain.

We believe that by blending our skills we can deliver better, more innovative outcomes for our clients. View the digital transformation process

Our Team

The Room 58 Leadership Team is made up of individuals who were there at the birth of the internet-age, in 1993.

We have lived through the roller-coaster ride – the rise of the internet bubble and when it burst.

As veterans of this new era, there is one thing in which we truly believe: transparency. Keeping things simple, providing insight and delivering value from everything we do. What it has also taught us is to enjoy the work we do and the partnerships we have with our clients.

Read more about our team...

Our Skills

Our skills here at Room 58 are many and varied; from working with the client to establish their needs and wants, to delivering output that is far beyond expectations, we're unstoppable.

We have a wide range of design capabilities in D2P; film and multimedia; digital solutions; tactical campaign elements (such as QR codes, social media and mobile apps); and sales activation, including product/partner videos, digibooks and lead generation campaigns. Not to mention over 50 years' commercial experience between us, and a daily battle for the radio station!

Technically speaking, we're ace (if we do say so ourselves)... building on 35 years' experience, we keep getting better and better as clients throw challenges our way.

With user experience at the heart of what we do, our skills in wire framing, responsive design, web animations and transitions and HTML, plus cinemagraphs, e-commerce and SEO, have come to the fore; not to mention building and managing 100 Harley-Davidson® dealer sites in over 21 languages, which keeps us on our toes!

We also bake cakes. Amazing, delicious cakes.

We owe the theory behind our ‘why, how and what’ to Simon Sinek - Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action