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Our Why

Our How As a passionate team, we continually strive to challenge the status quo and inspire the best creative work in the industry.

Our unending curiosity, combined with our head-turning innovation, allows us to establish strong connections with our clients. And it is this that enables us to really get under their skin, understanding their business pain and creating solutions that transform their organisations. Since our establishment in 2002, we’ve gained experience of working with companies of all sizes across 48 countries, in over 28 languages.

With a variety of disciplines and backgrounds including creative, strategy, technology and media, our aim is to make brands really special.

We believe that by blending our skills, we can deliver better, more innovative outcomes for our clients.

The Brain

The brain is formulated of two distinct areas, the limbic system at the centre and the neocortex which surrounds it...

Most decisions are made with the limbic system.
It controls: Trust, Gut Instinct, Loyalty & Emotions
It responds to: Pictures, Shapes & Music

Only homo sapiens have a well-developed neocortex. It is the area of the brain responsible for speech.
It controls: Rational thinking, Analytical Behaviour & Language
It responds to: Bullet points, Numbers and Figures & Spreadsheets

It is important to appeal to your client's, prospect's or partner's limbic system when developing your marketing materials.

The Golden Circle

The aim is to achieve authenticity - this is a balance of the Golden Circle.

The only way to achieve this is for all parties within the organisation to believe in everything you say and do.

Why: (Belief) Why is the core driver. The passion that is made up of a set of beliefs. It is a company’s or person’s Purpose, Cause, Mission.

How: (Action) How is made up of the actions that differentiate the person or company. These are often referred to as the USPs. They form an individual’s values and principles.

What: (Result) What is the outcome or result of the belief and action. In a company this would be the Products and Services. The achievement of goals and monetary success or profit would fall into the What category.

People buy why you do what
you do... not what you do!

We owe the theory behind our ‘why, how and what’ to Simon Sinek - Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action